Nuevas revistas-e de Enfermería

Se ha incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas electrónicas:

Journal of Research Development in Nursing and Midwifery: is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality and novel scientific research papers semi-annually. We accept manuscripts in forms of original research articles, review articles, short communications and case reports on topics related to healthcare services, nursing, and midwifery. JRDNM is an Open Access journal that allows its readers to access, download, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles free of charge.

Perioperative Medicine: Publishing highly topical clinical research relating to the perioperiative care of surgical patients, Perioperative Medicine aims to disseminate the distillation, examination and application of clinical evidence to improve surgical outcome. Understanding that modern perioperative medicine is a multidisciplinary speciality, we welcome research in all areas relevant to perioperative medicine from any healthcare professional. Perioperative Medicine is the respected official journal of Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine (EBPOM) and all published articles are indexed in PubMed.


Nuevas revistas-e de Enfermería

Se ha incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas electrónicas:

BMC Geriatrics: delves into all aspects of the health and healthcare of older people, including the effects of healthcare systems and policies. We also welcome research focused on the aging process, including cellular, genetic, and physiological processes and cognitive modifications.

BMC Nursing: Exploring all aspects of nursing research, training, education, and practice, BMC Nursing is a well-established open access peer-reviewed journal. Rapid publication upon acceptance makes research swiftly available to a growing readership.

Colecciones BRILL

La Biblioteca de la Universidad  ha contratado, durante 1 año, la suscripción a unas colecciones de libros electrónicos de la editorial Brill.

Contaremos con acceso a más de 2.400 libros electrónicos, englobados en distintas áreas del saber:

  • Biblical Studies, Ancient Near East and Early Christianity
  • Biology
  • Classical Studies
  • Educational Research
  • European History and Culture
  • Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  • International Law
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Literature and Cultural Studies
  • Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy
  • Social Sciences.
Se puede acceder a los ebooks de estas colecciones de diversos modos:
1. A través del catálogo
2. A través de SABIO
3. En la página web de la editorial. Los ebooks disponibles están marcados con un cuadro verde delante del título.

Nuevas revistas-e de Enfermería

Se ha incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas electrónicas:

Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing: is a peer-reviewed official journal of the Korean Society of Women Health Nursing of the Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Pflege & Gesellschaft: The German Society for Nursing Science is dedicated to the promotion and further development of nursing science in Germany. It was founded in 1989. In the interest of all scientific societies and in the context of social discussion, it serves as the mouthpiece for the field of nursing science. The commitment of its members and their work has contributed to the successful development of nursing science in Germany in a relatively short period of time.

Preventive Care in Nursing and Midwifery Journal: is the official scientific, peer reviewed open access  Quarterly publication of the Nursing And Midwifery Faculty, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services. This Journal aims to  promote and disseminate the findings of modern science and research in the field of nursing and midwifery care with an emphasis on the three levels of prevention. 

TMR Integrative Nursing: publishes peer-reviewed original articles including reviews, commentaries, clinical and basic research, case report, conference announcement and letters to the editor about the integrative nursing research. TMR Integrative Nursing particularly welcomes integrative nursing literature research, clinical application innovation of integrative nursing, characteristics of nursing after traditional medicine treatment, and studies that aim to evaluate and compare health care between traditional and modern nursing. It seeks to promote international communication focusing on the latest developments, trends, experiences and achievements on integrative nursing in clinical practice and scientific research.

Nuevas revistas-e de Enfermería

Se ha incluido en Sabio la siguiente revista electrónica:

Journal of Psychiatric Nursing: aims to publish qualified and original clinical, experimental and basic research on Psychiatric Nursing at the international level. The journal’s scope also covers editorial comments, reviews of innovations in medical education and practice, case reports, scientific letters, educational articles, letters to the editor, articles on publication ethics, and reviews.

EBSCO Open Dissertations

Se ha incorporado a Sabio una nueva base de datos:

EBSCO Open Dissertations es una base de datos electrónica gratuita de tesis y disertaciones que ofrece acceso a más de 800.000 materiales.

Esta base de datos es la evolución de “American Doctoral Dissertations”, creada en 2014 entre EBSCO y el H.W. Wilson Foundation, en la que se comenzó a indexar los contenidos de la obra impresa “Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American Universities, 1933-1955”.

En una segunda época, En 2015, se incluyenron registros de disertaciones y tesis desde 1955 hasta el presente.

Nuevas revistas-e de Enfermería

Se han incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas electrónicas:

Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research: is a publication of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, is a peer-reviewed online journal with Bimonthly print on demand compilation of issues published. The journal will cover technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical and social issues in field of all areas of Nursing & Midwifery. Articles with clinical interest and implications will be given preference.

Journal of Holistic Nursing and Midwifery: contributes to the advancement of evidence-based nursing, midwifery and healthcare by disseminating high quality research and scholarship of contemporary relevance and with potential to advance knowledge for practice, education, management or policy. JHNM‘s intended readership includes practising nurses and midwives in all spheres and at all levels who are committed to advancing practice and professional development on the basis of new knowledge and evidence; managers and senior members of the nursing and midwifery professions; nurse educators and nursing students; and researchers in other disciplines with interest in common issues and inter-disciplinary collaboration.