Nueva revista-e Enfermería

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Journal of Nursing and Health
Journal of Social Inclusion Studies



Nuevas revistas-e de Farmacia

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Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Nuevas revistas-e de Ciencias

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Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
BMC Chemical Engineering
BMC Chemistry
British Journal for the History of Mathematics
Cellular Polymers
Chemical week
Conservation Science and Practice
Ecologia e Nutrição Florestal
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability
Ecosystems and People
Energy Future
Energy in East Europe
Environmental Pollutants and Bioavailability
Food Science of Animal Resources
Indian Journal of Agricultural Research
International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements
Iranian Journal of Veterinary Science and Technology
JITCE (Journal of Information Technology and Computer Engineering)
JOINS (Journal of Information System)
Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Journal of Ecobiotechnology
Journal of Engineering Sciences and Innovation
Journal of Mathematical Models in Engineering (MME)
Journal of Measurements in Engineering
Journal of Onco-Nephrology
Journal of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
Journal of Scleroderma and Related Disorders
Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil
JPhys Energy
JPhys Materials
Matrix Biology Plus
Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
Polymers and Polymer Composites
Polymers from Renewable Resources
Revista Metropolitana de Ciencias Aplicadas
Revue suisse de zoologie
Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional
South African Food Review
Southern cultivator
Southern Planter: Devoted to Agriculture, Horticulture, and the Household Arts
Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and Society
Tecnología y Ciencia
UHD Journal of Science and Technology
Watershed Ecology and the Environment



Nuevas revistas-e de Biblioteconomía

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An Leabharlann


Nuevas revistas-e de Arquitectura

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Bollettino del Centro di Studi per la Storia dell’Architettura
Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials
NBM & CW; New Building Materials & Construction World

Nuevas revistas-e de Teología

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Studia liturgica

Nuevas revistas-e Educación y Psicología

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Developmental Child Welfare
Devir Educação
Ensayos Pedagógicos
Filosofia e Educação
Indonesian Journal of Learning Education and Counseling
International Journal of New Education
Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning
Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Jurnal Psikologi Integratif
Revista Electrónica de Didáctica en Educación Superior
RIESED: Revista Internacional de Estudios sobre Sistemas Educativos
Russian Journal of Education and Psychology
Studies in Educational Policy and Educational Philosophy