Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (Hein Online)

Se ha actualizado el contenido de Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (Hein Online):

1. Nuevas revistas

  • European Yearbook of International Economic Law
  • Global Journal of Comparative Law
  • Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and Politics
  • Ahrbuch fũr Verfassung, Recht und Staat im Islamischen Kontext
  • The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (UK)
  • Comparative Legal History (UK)
  • KJICL: Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law (Netherlands)

2. Colecciones especiales

  • Administrative law in Europe: between common principles and national traditions (2013)
  • The Court of Justice and the construction of Europe: analyses and perspectives on sixty years of case-law (2013)
  • The future of child and family law (2012)
  • Making legal history: essays in honor of William E. Nelson, (2013)
  • Proceedings of the Sixth International Humanitarian Law Dialogs (2013)
  • Responsibility of international organizations: essays in memory of Sir Ian Brownlie (2013)
  • The roots of international law / Les fondements du droit international: liber amicorum Peter Haggenmacher (2014)
  • Scrutinizing internal and external dimensions of European law: liber amicorum Paul Demaret (2013)
  • From single market to economic union: essays in memory of Paul A. Usher (2012)
  • The Genocide Convention: the legacy of 60 years (2012)
  • The practice of arbitration: essays in honour of Hans van Houtte (2012)
  • Realising cultural heritage law: Festschrift for Patrick O’Keefe (2013)
  • Scritti in onore di Generoso Melillo, vol. 3 (2009)
  • Tensions within and between religions and human rights (2012)
  • Turning points and breaklines (2009)

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, es una base de datos multilingüe de referencias de artículos de revistas jurídicas de todo el mundo (excepto el ámbito anglosajón). Permite la búsqueda en cualquier idioma y recoge las referencias de más de 500 revistas de todo el mundo.




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