Nuevas revistas-e y libros-e de Teología

Se han incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas y libros electrónicos:


Acta theologica


Revista Eletrônica Espaço Teológico

Revista de Paz y Conflictos


American religions and the family: how faith traditions cope with modernization and democracy

Christian Doctrines in Islamic Theology

Christianity on Trial : Arguments Against Anti-Religious Bigotry

Phenomenology and eschatology : not yet in the now : Ashgate new critical thinking in religion, theology and biblical

Realism and religion : philosophical and theological perspectives

Religion in Culture: Studies in Social Contest and Construction : Myth and the Christian Nation : A Social Theory of Religion

Religions View Religions

Sacred rights : the case for contraception and abortion in world religions

Vertheidigung der katholischen Religion : sammt einem Anhange von der Möglichkeit einer Vereinigung zwischen unserer, und der evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche (1789) : Brill’s Studies in Intellectual History


Nuevas revistas-e y libros-e de Economía

Se han incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas y libros electrónicos:


China Journal of Accounting Research

Cinco días

Club industry

Country profile

Diario Expansión

Employment and Earnings

European Actuarial Journal

Limes: Borderland Studies

Medicare & medicaid research review

National Underwriter. P & C


Statistics of income. Corporation income tax returns

Tobacco market review. Flue-cured


A Study in Business Ethics

Global Marketing Management

IMF Working Papers : The External Financing of Emerging Market Countries : Evidence from Two Waves of Financial Globalization

Risk Management

Volatile States : Institutions, Policy, and the Performance of American State Economies

Nuevas revistas-e y libros-e de Derecho

Se han incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas y libros electrónicos:


African Journal of Legal Studies

American Law Journal

American University labor & employment law forum

Antitrust law & economics review

Cinco días

Circulares de la Fiscalía

Columbia journal of race and law

Comentarios vLex

Diario Expansión

Diario Médico

Digital evidence and electronic signature law review

DOUE. Diario Oficial de la Unión Europea

Edinburgh Student Law Review

Gazeta Informativa

Human rights & globalisation law review

La Revue légale

La Tribuna del Derecho

Legal medical quarterly

Legislación comunitaria refundida

Nafarroako Aldizkari Ofiziala

Problema: anuario de filosofía y teoría del derecho

Proyectos de Ley

Revista de derecho penal

Studia juvenum. Seria juridica



American State Government (Rev. ed.)

Audiencia Nacional

Audiencias Provinciales

Certainty and Justice; Studies of the Conflict Between Precedent and Progress in the Development of the Law

Convenios Colectivos

Derecho de Sociedades

Derecho Inmobiliario y Registral

Elements of Roman Law (3rd ed., rev. and enl.)

Estatuto de los Trabajadores: modelos de formularios

Formularios Comunitarios

Formularios de actas y poderes notariales

Formularios de Arbitraje

Historical Jurisprudence: Introduction

Human Rights in the United Nations: With Text of Draft Covenants

Human Rights, the Helsinki Accords, and the United States: Selected Executive and Congressional Documents

Lectures on the Principles of Political Obligation (Reprinted from Green’s Philosophical Works, Vol. II)

Los juicios civiles

Los procedimientos laborales

Modelos de contratos laborales. INEM

Modern Idea of the State

Nuevas revistas-e de Comunicación

Se han incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas electrónicas:


All Netletters

Building Online Communities for Business

Capital Mind via Twitter


Desktop: Inside Google Desktop


EURASIP Journal on wireless communications and networking

Fox Business Network Transcripts

Franchise Plus


HSXtra (Greensboro News and Record)

Just a Thought

L’Autre Quotidien (Cotonou) French

Media international Australia, incorporating culture & policy

Media, war & conflict

Research Recap

The Offside Trap

The Ten Thousand Year Blog via Twitter


Nuevas revistas-e y libros-e de Filosofía y Letras

Se han incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas y libros electrónicos:


Limes: Borderland Studies

The Egyptian journal of remote sensing and space sciences

Google Earth Video Help Channel

Autism Learning Felt

Conservation & Society

Journal of Relationships Research

World Journal of Education

Revista Índice

Hermeneia : Journal of Hermeneutics, Art Theory and Art Criticism

Porticvm : Revista d’Estudis Medievals


Child Health and Education : An Interdisciplinary Journal

Anuario musical

International Electronic Journal of Environmental Education


Italian Journal of Remote Sensing

Altitude : An e-Journal of Emerging Humanities Work

Emergent Australasian Philosophers

Analele Universităţii din Craiova. Seria Geografie

Kant Studies Online

Interférences Littéraires

Estudos de Linguistica Galega

Revista de Paz y Conflictos

Anuario de estudios medievales


Papers from the Institute of Archaeology

Bulletin of Geography. Physical Geography Series


Revista de Teledetección

Journal of ancient philosophy (English ed.)

Revista española de orientación y psicopedagogía

Teatro de palabras : revista sobre teatro áureo

Radical philosophy

PH. Boletín del Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico

Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles

Codice. Boletin Cientifico y cultural del museo universitario


The Human Factor


Nuevas revistas-e de Medicina

Se han incluido en Sabio las siguientes revistas electrónicas:


American scientist

Annals of gastroenterology


Biomedical Human Kinetics

Biomedicine & Preventive Nutrition

Cell & Bioscience

Diabetes & Metabolism Journal

Diabetes Therapy

Diario Médico

Drug, healthcare and patient safety

EJNMMI Research

Gastrointestinal Cancer : Targets and Therapy

Genomic Medicine, Biomarkers, and Health Sciences


Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry

ISRN Allergy

ISRN Obstetrics and Gynecology

Journal of aerosol medicine and pulmonary drug delivery

Journal of clinical medicine research

Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives

Journal of Pregnancy

Journal of the Intensive Care Society

Korean Journal of Laboratory Medicine

Neurology, psychiatry, and brain research

Neuroscience and medicine

Pain Forum

Pathobiology of Aging & Age-related Diseases

PLoS Currents

PLoS Currents: Evidence on Genomic Tests

PLoS Currents: Tree of Life

Pulmonary Medicine

Rare Tumors

Research and Reports in Neonatology

Sigma Xi quarterly

The Journal of supportive oncology

World Journal of Stem Cells

Nuevas revistas-e de Farmacia

Se han incluido en Sabio las  siguientes revistas electrónicas:


Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B

American journal of physiology. Renal physiology

Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology

Drugs and Therapy Studies

International Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Research

International journal of physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology

Journal of aerosol medicine and pulmonary drug delivery

Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Health Care

Pharmacognosy research

Pharmacology & pharmacy

The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacy